bucket list

1. Discover my dream job Done! Feb 20th 2013

2. I have an agent 

3. Sing with Gio Levy in person (not just the living room) Summer 2013

4. Intiated into Kriya Yoga  July 2012

5. Share an epic tale at Rain City Chronicles August 2014

6. Host a Maughan Christmas

7. Adopt a beautiful child from outside of North America

8. Meet and greet with Howard Stern

9. Earn my first million before the age of 40

10. Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Croatia (1 trip)

11. Run a half without stopping or puking SeaWheeze Aug 2013

12. I publish a blog post on Huffington Post Canada

13. Kayak trip in Northern BC

14. Own a vacation home in Tofino

15. Give birth to Buck Danger 

16. Build my 10 year vision dream home in Deep Cove

17. Meet Stanley Hainsworth a try not to have a melt down Oct 2013

18. Attend a yoga/surf retreat in Costa Rica

19. Vespa road trip in India 

20. Meditate in Nicaragua

21. I attend South by Southwest 

22. Dance on the beach in Tonga (with flowers in my hair)

23. Sit in the audience for a Roger Federer match

24. I am HuffPost BC writer 

25. I make and drink a #RoughPatch pumpkin smoothie 

26. Digital Media consultant to Ace Hotel chain

27. Take a burlesque class led by Lola Frost

28. Yosemite National Park camping trip 

29. Take an ‘alone vacation’ to a picturesque destination

30. Found a conference for women in the digital media and blog world 

31. Sit courtside for Lebron

32. Attend MAGIC as a live blogger

33. Give birth to Vida Yve 

34. Deliver a 4 minute comedy set with friends and family in the audience

35. Bring an invention to life

36. Make homemade ice cream well

37. Purchase my first non-hand-me-down SLR

38. Create something weird and outrageous with Peter Chlebak

39. Front row tickets to Bruno Mars

40. Burning Man and Coachella. At least once.

41. 5 Polar Bear Dips in different countries before the age of 50

42. Spend a day at the spa with Nanny

43. Ride the Grand Fondo with Jon Cartwright and Barb Tyers

44. Garry the dog makes his first appearance (half poodle, half Burmese mountain dog)

45. His and hers custom surfboards

46. Yellowstone RV adventure

47. Scuba dive in the submerged sculpture park off the coast of Cancun

48. Eat an avocado with Jason Mraz

49. Float in the Dead Sea

50. Coach a volleyball team

51. A week at the 70 mile house Flying U Ranch

52. Trek the Arizona desert with Mike and Annie 

53. Write and produce my garden-plot Portlandia-inspired web series with Robin and Kim

54. I own a Volkswagon Camper Van 

55. Own a Sable Island picture

56. Buy a giant foam finger, paint my face and yell my head off at the MLB All-star game

57. Own a Jon Shaw painting 

58. Hold a tiger cub

59. Ryan Roche cashmere fisherman sweater hangs in my closet

60. Own a pair of fluevogs

61. Collect sea shells in Sayulita with the MacCara’s

63. Wake up in the Maldives (for real)

64. 90% Vegan

65. Not-so matchy road bikes

66. Parkour half-day (outside of the gym)

67. Complete a 1-week silent meditation retreat 

68. Split my time between Vancouver and California    

69. Complete a triathlon with Steph Corker

70.  Yukon. Northern Lights. ‘Nuff said.

71. Sergio and I sing a paid gig 

72. Knit a hat I can wear in public

73. Glamp in secret cove

74. Take (at least 3) hip-hop dance classes

75. Jamaican getaway 

76. Run (and sell out) 1 Social Media workshop a month in California or Vancouver   

77. Long board with my children on the seawall

78. There’s a piece of Maughan made furniture in every room of the house

79. Appear on a fashion blog for my style at Coachella 

80. I open for Artie Lange or Louis CK

81. I have 50,000 Twitter followers #spreadthelove

82. Perform stand-up comedy at Caroline’s

83. I purchase my first road bike

84. I partner with/ contribute to Conde Nast Traveler 

85. I grow and eat my own vegetables July 2014 

86. Olswell.com grosses 100K/year 

87. Go Pro Adventure/Vacation to the caves in Belize

88. Spend at least one month a year living on a houseboat

89. Run SeaWheeze on my 40th birthday

90. Learn to play bar chords

91. Swim with humpback whales in Tonga

92. Create a hilarious Viral video with the Maughan tribe

93. I employ 5 of my friends

94. I own 10+ knits created by Alison

95. We have a home near Scott and Sue’s in Sayulita, Mexico  

96. We have a home in the Queen Charlotte in the West end

97. I am interviewed by Rolling Stone 

98. 100,000 facebook followers

99. We buy or open our own Westend Bodega  

100. We meditate outdoors 50% of the time




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